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Speed boat

Day 22.

I have booked 25 min in a speed boat. There are rather large waves on the lake which should give extra excitement. We sail around in the harbor and get some distance away at up to 100km/h! At this speed the boat is almost flying, so none seems to have problems with sea sickness, even though there are made several turns. I sit in the back in-between two couples of ladies. They get really splashed in water when the boat makes turns – fun to witness and to hear the screams 😉 Although it’s only 25 min it seems like a long time, and it’s definitely worth the 40 dollars (half price of normal).

One of the popular things to do in Queenstown is to get a Fergburger. As I have read, there are many people in line outside the shop. When it becomes my turn to order, it will take another 20min before the burger is ready. I’m lucky to find an empty seat next to a couple from Britain, who are travelling for 8 months. They started with the Transsibirische railroad through Russia, then shortly in Mongolia, one month in China, followed by Nepal, India, Indonesia, Australia and now New Zealand before they return to Britain for Christmas. In Nepal they were trekking the Annapurna trek, and we exchange our experiences. One really meets many people in New Zealand how have been travelling far and around. And the burger – yes it was fine, but more the surrounding chaos which is fun to be part of.

I have booked the most expensive camping spot so-far at 55 dollars for one night (with power), but the central location and facilities are good. I spend time doing laundry and relaxing, so I do not get to go with the cable car or to hike Ben Lomond. There are many pubs opening in the evening, and I go for having some beers, but I also need to get up early for river rafting at 8:00 am.

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