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Green covered mountains

Trekking day 1, 8th of October.

It was luckily easier to sleep in the tent this night and we got up at 5:00 ready to be at the small airport at 6:00. Only a few groups in front of us, and the weather in Lukla was fine – so we got on the plane at 7:00. Only a small flight of 20min, but with beautiful views to green covered mountains entangled in skies. The airport we started from is at 500m amsl and Lukla is located in 2850m altitude. The airport in Lukla is famous for being one of the most dangerous in the world. The airstrip is quite small and slightly uphill to help reduce speed and increase speed when taking off. No room for mistakes, then you’ll hit a concrete wall landing or go over the cliff if the plane does not take-off in time. It was all very steady and no reasons to doubt the pilots, who are doing this job continuously.

In Lukla the temperature dropped 10degC, down to roughly 12degC. It was really refreshing, also considering the clean mountain air – we had just spent 1.5 days with up to 34degC in the shadow (and again the warm and humid tents), and smell of pollution and plastic being burnt.

After a lovely breakfast in a nice mountain chalet, we started our trek. The path and stairs were easy with pailing stones. Gorgeous views of mountains, blue skies, small waterfalls and the famous suspension bridges. The local Nepalese have small shops and restaurants along the trek, and you see both kids, adults and elderly. Often Nepalese carriers are passing us at high speed, carrying many bags with a strap attached to their forehead, and only wearing shoes or sandals! Yak oxes and mules are carrying bags or equipment.

It was also good to get away from all the plastic in the streets, and although limited houses – then not looking like the previous almost war zone. This is what I have been expecting and waiting for – beautiful nature, and then this Nepalese culture. I also got a Nepalese flag sewed on my backpack 

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