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Trekking day 6, 13th of October.

Today’s acclimatization is a trek from Dingboche (4349m) through a nearby path to a viewpoint at 5070m. The ascent was quite steep and took 3 hours with several breaks. The journey awarded us with the most spectacular views so-far to many nearby mountains, small turquoise colored lakes, and also glaciers.

Now we could really start to feel the thin air and combined with the steep ascent it really forces us to walk very slowly and take several breaks. Just a few sips of water from the Camelbag and you are behind on the breaths, calling for a short break to get the breath back in order.

At these heights we also see the flower Edelweiss. If you have not seen the classic movie ‘Sound of Music’, then this is a must see.

I did not feel much symptoms from the 5000m but other from the group started feeling headaches, which worsened during the decent. In the evening all are feeling good. All of us starting on today’s trek also made it to the top, so we are quite happy for the next days, which will bring us additionally ~600m up. All are also fine with oxygen levels from ~85 to 90%.

In the evening we are playing cards, dices, crossword puzzle, and talking. The sky is clear with many stars before we go to bed, so it will probably get cold tonight. The rooms are not insulated and only with one layer of glass. Actually, I ended up not using the rented sleeping bag on this tour. There were fine pillows and quilts in the lodges. Combined with my liner bag and else base layer and socks when it got coldest (-10deg), I could still keep warm. Some night we also had ice on the interior of the windows.

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