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Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp

As I turned another 10-page in the large book of lifeventure, I thought it would be a good occasion for trekking to somewhere special. Mountains have always been high on the list when coming from Denmark where the highest nearby ‘mountain’ is Himmelbjerget (translates to Sky Mountain) at 147m. The area around Himmelbjerget is highly recommendable and has made basis for several day-walks as preparation and good experiences throughout my life. The trek to Mount Everest Base Camp is booked through Jysk Rejsebureau, and we are 16 persons of all ages including a Danish travel guide. There is also a local lead guide (Rosen), 5 additional local guides/helpers, 2 Sherpas for carrying, and one woman for handling the 4 yak oxes for carrying our luggage. More information of the trek can be found at:


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