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Day 3

While visiting New Zealand, I think it’s appropriate to also see and hear bore about their native Māori culture. I choose the one which looks most popular and with good reviews – and we also get to try a Māori dinner prepared in ovens below the ground. We are “welcomed” by quite angry warriors (we were prepared, and informed not to laugh – which can be difficult at times, at least a small smile came through) and after a short ceremony we are now all best friends and welcomed inside the territory and home village setup for this show. The village is setup in 5 different areas where we go to in turn (lead by the chief of our new formed Kiwi tribe). One place us men get to practice the Haka warrior ‘dance’, in another place women are swinging a small ball in a string. Else there are small fun games for the audience, and we also get to hear more about their history and craftmanship. In the end all the Māori people are singing and dancing for us – and the men showing how a real Haka should be performed – quite impressive, and no-wonder if this could intimidate people before a battle. The dinner is well prepared, but not much special – I do like the mussels. I sit next to three Norwegian ladies and a couple from California – and we all share a bit of our background, where we have been and where we are going. This is the first time I meet people in New Zealand where I can speak Danish – so-far not yet met a Dane.

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