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Highest Irish pub

Trekking day 10, 17th of October.

Because we missed a day in getting to Lukla, it was decided to combine two days trekking into one day. We did thereby follow the same route we came from and did not see the originally planned trek – but we would then get another day in Kathmandu.

Today’s trek is another 20km with end destination in magically Namche Bazar. Although the last days have been exhausting, I can really feel the comfort and higher energy by getting to lower altitudes. No-where as many breaks are necessary, and we can ascent continuously – we even end up running to be the first getting to Namche 😉

We celebrate the journey, travel friends, and that we made it to Base Camp – by getting a Sherpas beer in the highest altitude Irish pub. A beer has never tasted this good ;-). At dinner, many of us also get the first meat for several days.

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