There can be only one

There can be only one

Trekking day 12, 19th of October.

It’s a clear morning, so we are looking forward getting on one of the first flights from Lukla. The runway is short and quite steep to get up to speed fast. The airplane blocks the brakes while the engines get up to full speed – and then releases. It’s almost as a roller coaster ride and we are airborne before the end of the runway.

It seems like we are flying at lower altitude this time, so trees and mountain sides are quite close when we look out the windows.

We next have the strenuous bumpy ride in mini bus to Kathmandu – along with sights to plastic, dirt, and trash for 5 hours. Our local guide says that the area is rather prosperous – not easy to tell with western standards.

It’s really nice to get back to our hotel “Highlander Inn” in Kathmandu. We feel fresh after a shower, clean clothes, and the best pizzas in town. We have dinner all together, with many large steaks.

The next days go by sightseeing in Kathmandu – souvenirs, park, religious places, monkey temple, cremation next to a holy river, large stupas etc. Everything quite different from our western background – but interesting to see all these cultural differences.

Our return flight from Kathmandu is unfortunately delayed. For the first time we also try a security check just before boarding – none of us could guess what the circus wagons were for. In New Delhi, we hope that our flight is waiting, but there are so many places where we need to have passport and boarding pass checked (~10 times with many different stamps), and another security check so we end up having to stay for next flight to London. We end up being ~18 hours delayed and one luggage not present (shows up the day after) – anyways we have had an unforgettable journey with many good experiences!

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