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Black and white

Trekking day 5, 12th of October. 


Before setting off, Rosen told a story of the Yetis – and it went roughly like this. The Yetis were repeating the work done by the farmers but in so doing destroying the crops. The farmers who were Buddhist monks were not allowed to kill the Yetis. At a city hall meeting, the monks got the idea of drinking from barrels of water and pretending they were drunk. Afterwards with toys they attacked each other and pretended they killed each other. Before evening, the monks replaced the water in the barrels with wine and the toy weapons by real weapons. At night the Yetis came, repeating what they had seen. Hereby, getting drunk from drinking the wine and attacked each other with the weapons – this was how the Yetis got obliterated.

Our trek today was from Dorache (3745m) to Dingboche (4349m). Again, with the usual sunny and clear weather. We started going through a small forest, so it was good to wear three layers until getting warm and walking in the sun.

We walked through small villages with small shops next to the road. Fields for crops are separated by stone walls. There are many people on the track almost always within eyesight – but also one of the most popular treks, and October is high season after the monsoon.

We start entering different vegetation as we continue ascending – trees are no longer present above 4000m. The scenery is with wide open areas, small bushes, and boulders. We are also getting closer to the surrounding high mountains and getting new views to them.

It was especially spectacular to see several Black and White mountains next to each other – an interesting contrast. As we approach Dingboche we can see tomorrows track for acclimatization – looks like quite a steep ascent which brings us above 5000m before returning to Dingboche.

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