Namaste… welcome to Nepal

Namaste… welcome to Nepal

Mountains camouflaged in skyes were welcoming us during the flight to Kathmandu. Although arriving before sunset, it was dark to drive to the hotel (efficiency for issuing visa, and general procedures are very slow although many people are involved). The streets in the Thamel region are full of small shops packed with stuff – especially many selling tracking gear. A fake North Face down jacket for 25 euros, but hopefully warm enough for the coldest days.

It’s obvious that people are poor and limited, considering western standards – however very welcoming and smiling. I doubt they can be totally displeased with such smiles.

Small airplaines can currently not fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, so we had a 5 hours drive to a nearby airport. We drove by lots of slum, again with many small shops along the road. A bunch of plastic everywhere, but also scenic views of mountains and rivers.

We slept in really warm tents nearby the airport, so we could get up early for our flight. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, it was not possible to fly yesterday so we are in line for those who could not get to Lukla. It endes up bring that with the long queue, we did also not make it to Lukla – so another day awaits in the warm tents…

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