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Hobbiton – Rolling green hills

Day 3

The morning starts driving to the Hobbiton location. I pass the famous rolling green hills along my way – beautiful hills covered in grass, trees, and sheep as far as the eye can see. The area is privately owned and part of a sheep farm of 1250 acres – it’s clear why Peter Jackson found this area suited for the hometown of the hobbits. After having seen the movies many times, and first time around 20 years ago – it’s fabulous to be here!

We are picked up in a bus which drives us to Hobbiton and along the way we are introduced to the story of this place and how it’s now a tourist attraction – last year with 630.000 people (at a quite high ticket price). We enter in the lower part of these green hills and can see the small detailed hobbit houses (only from outside, there is no inside) – where vegetable gardens and flowers are next to each other. Each hobbit also has his/her special craftsmanship which is displayed as part of the house – e.g. baker, carpenter, dairyman etc. At the very top of the hill we can see Bag End with the characteristic green door – home of Bilbo and later when he hands over all his possessions to Frodo. Behind the house there is the characteristic tree which is fake – but looks very real with all the silk leaves. I have my photo taken outside one of the Hobbitt houses – making my version of you shall not pass, which completely faints as a photo. From up here there is also a view over the area, and to the large party tree and area where the 111 years birthday of Bilbo is celebrated. I can also see the lake and behind it the Green Dragon inn – where we are going shortly for a refreshing beer. We pass the water mill and next the stone bridge before we arrive at the inn. Very cozy inside with the fireplace lit and the surrounding wooden decorations. I have booked the guided tour with meal, so we all continue to a tent nearby where a nice buffet is made ready. We talk with our fellow tourists and fans and agree it’s been a very good experience – and next share travel ideas for where to go.  

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