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West coast and pan cakes

Day 13.

Starting the day at the nearby tourist information (getting standard). I get an overview of the nearby treks I have considered and another trek more south, which was not in my plan: Coal Creek Falls. They also explain that the Punakaiki Rocks are best to see at high tide due to the blowholes, where the Truman trek is better at low tide – hereby I have the order of my visits planned. Since I’m just across the Punakaiki Rocks I go for a healthy breakfast with delicious pancakes, caramelized bananas, syrup, cream, and topped with bacon not only for garnish – very delicious! I start with the Truman walk, which is short, but you get to a very nice view of the waves coming through an opening to the beach. I also walk down to the beach where I meet a couple, I also met in Rotorua as part of the Māorievening. I then drive south to the Piniaki River Track. It’s along a river, where you walk along a path in a forest and can lookout on the river and surrounding green covered mountains – not so interesting. Further up the trek, construction is ongoing due to land slide – so I return to the car park. Next stop is the Punakaiki Rocks, which is free. It’s a short walk but nicely displayed and good views of these layered rocks. Although this should be high-tide, I don’t see much of the blowholes. Anyways, it’s a recommended walk along with the Truman trek.

I have mistaken the location of the black water rafting, UnderWorld Adventures – which is further towards north at Charleston. I do not have petrol for going back north and then south again, so I drive to Greymouth for refueling and supplies. On my way I do the trek to Coal Creek Falls – which ends up in a nice waterfall. I get the drone airborne to get a view from above – not much to see except trees and this river. Drive back north to Charleston to be ready for tomorrows booking of the black water rafting, where I need to be at check-in at 8:30am. The drive back is also pretty with the waves, beaches and cliffs – the water is not High-Way 1 blue, but more turquoise. It does give a better view to the waves hitting the shore and cliffs. I stay at a guesthouse which has very good reviews for their Pizzas – unfortunately the restaurant is closed. A dinner of chips, red wine and fruit is also a kind of food. It rains heavily during the night, feeling all sorry for the several people sleeping on the campground in tents.

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