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Geysers, hot pools and Huga falls

Day 4

I plan to see the geysers and hot pools at Wai-o-tapu. The geyser, Lady Knox, is first set-off at 10:15am so I first drive to Kerosene Creek to see a stream and small waterfall with hot water. It’s fine for bathing and two have also taken this opportunity (but not getting your head under due to bacterias in the water). I go for a small flight with the drone – above a green lake and the surround landscape. The preparations for the Lady Know geyser is taking place and a lot of people are joining for this view. We get a small introduction, and then the geyser is set-off by pouring something down to dissolve the surface tension. It results in a 20m high spray, but it’s quickly over and for the reminding the spray is just some meters. I drive back to the main park and have a look at the many very different pools: mud, and then different sulfur lakes with colors from yellow, orange, green, light green. The smell of sulfur is not too bad – or else I’m getting used to it.

A short trip by Huga Falls, which is quite impressive as 220.000 l/s light blue water pass through this narrowing. It’s also possible to get a trip with a speed boat which sails very close to the cliffs and also as close as possible to the end of this waterfall.

In Taupo I go to the tourist information to hear more about the Tongarino shuttles – I plan to park the camper at the end of the trek, and then go by a shuttle to the starting point. In the city center there is also view over a nice clean blue lake (largest fresh water in New Zealand) and in the distance I can see the snow-covered peaks where I’m going tomorrow. Drive to a freedom camp site, so I only have 20min drive tomorrow to the Tongarino crossing shuttle. My well-cooked dinner (fried sausages, pasta, salat) is enjoined with red wine and talks with an Italian couple who plan to do a part of the trek tomorrow.

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