The Catlins

The Catlins

Day 29.

Today, I drive from Invercargill to Dunedin through the south east road near the sea. The area has some resemblance to the northern island with green hills and fields for crops. It’s not totally as ‘rolling’, but in eventual lack of time this area can ‘replace’ the landscapes I have seen in the northern island. I first drive to Slope Point which is the most southern on the south island – fine view but not much more, so I continue my drive. Next stop is one of the waterfalls which characterize The Catlins. First waterfall is McLean Falls which is very suited for taking photos as one can find several places to stand, and also get close to the waterfall. Next is the viewpoint, Florence Hill Lookout. Followed by a short walk to the Matai Falls – not much special when I just have seen the McLean Falls. Then the Purakaunai Falls which is also impressive and wide, but one can not get close to ‘hug’ the waterfall. A walk to Nugget Point and the lighthouse before I drive to a freedom camp site south of Dunedin close to the sea. This was only a short description but The Catlins was worth visiting for the hilly and green landscapes, close to the sea and then the nice waterfalls!

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