Packing List for MEBC

Packing List for MEBC

The below contains my packing list for trekking the Mount Everest Base Camp. We had a restriction of 10kg in the duffle bag and 5kg in our backpack. Although weighted for the flight to/from Lukla, there were no comments to the bags being a few kilograms heavier (had to leave several things in Kathmandu to not have too heavy luggage). Most of our duffle bags were carried by yak oxes.

I did not miss anything. It would have been convenient with sandals, but I prefer a pair of regular shoes. We did not have rain a single day, so the rain pants were unnecessary heavy to carry – a lighter version would be preferable. It could also have been good with trekking pants which could unzip to shorts for the first days, or with zippers for better ventilation.

PasPapersxPasset skal være gyldigt i 6 måneder ud over opholdets varighed. Tag kopi + foto.
Pung + penge + kreditkort osv.PapersxOpen VISA/MasterCard for Asia
Telefon + ear phonesElectronics216Huawei P30 ProVery good camera and battery!
Telefon backupElectronics168Samsung S7For taking photos if primary (Huawei) fails
Telefon til logning af gpsElectronics125Samsung S2For GPS logging of trek
Selfie-stick med stativElectronics166HuaweiNot used (would bring if travelling solo)
Lille stativ + mobilholderElectronics77JobyLeft in Kathmandu
Powerbank + kabel + coverElectronics376ANKER PowerCure II 20000Recommended
Opladere (Huawei, Ipad, Samsung) + kablerElectronicsxElastikker omkring adapter
Adapter til elElectronics----Ikke nødvendigt
Lokalt simkortElectronicsxBought in Kathmandu, NcellDid not work above Namche Bazar
Drone + udstyrElectronics----Ikke tilladelse
Activitytracker + opladerElectronics57Samsung gear fit 2 proNot very usefull, and battery drains quickly when used for logging GPS
Noise-cancelling til flyElectronicsxLeft in Kathmandu
Ipad + cover Electronics765Left in KathmanduNot used
Dell Ultrabook + cover + laderElectronics2002Left in KathmanduNot used
Lille USB højttaler + kabelElectronics195JBL GO2Left in Kathmandu, Not used. Could have been good for the tent days at Ramachap.
Spotify musikElectronics----Medbring musik på telefon…Not used
VaccinationMedical----Hepatitis A, Difteri-Stivkrampe, Tyfus, Kolera
VicksMedical146HalstabletterLeft in Kathmandu
ParacetamolMedical43Til ondt i hovedetUsed when started to caugh for easier sleeping
DiamoxMedicalxPiller mod højdesyge
ImmodiumMedical8DiarreNot used
PenecillinMedical11Not used
VandrensningMedical22Piller til vandrensningNot used
SaltMedical107Pga. stort væskeindtag og svedNot used, instead salted the food
Elektrolytter til at fylde i vandet 2 rørMedical200Pga. stort væskeindtag og svedGood, also for taste
Plaster, sårrens MedicalxNot used
Næsespray fugtighedMedical29Used few times
TermometerMedical25Not used
Energibar/gel 10 stkFood479EnergiLeft in Kathmandu
Chokoladebar 2 per dagFoodxxEnergi + sukkerUsed for most strenous days
RosinerFood259Til morgenmadLeft in Kathmandu
ToilettaskeHygienexLeft in Kathmandu, used dryback instead
Kam + ekstraHygiene77
Tandbørste + beholderHygiene47
Neglesaks 3-i-1Hygiene35
Sæbe, 50 bladeHygiene1450 bladeNot used
VabelplastrerHygiene63Not used
Vabelplaster stiftHygiene24Used first couple of days
Trykaflastende dutter til tæerHygienexNot used
Læbepomade faktor 50Hygiene29
Læbepomade faktor 15Hygienex
Læbepomade normalHygiene10
Solcreme faktor 50Hygiene168
SaksHygiene7Not used
SpejlHygiene25Not used
PincetHygiene6Not used
Nål + tråd + fingerbølHygienexNot used
Tynd snor + strips + elastikkerHygiene6Not used
ToiletrullerHygiene1401402 ruller
LommeletterHygiene55554 pakker
LighterHygiene16Not used
HåndspritHygiene87872 x 75ml
ØrepropperHygiene94 stk i beholderNot used
Vådservietter til at vaske sigHygiene20124 stk, SeaToSummit Wilderness Wipes
Brillerens + kludHygienexxBriller/kamera
KuffertGear3500Brug eksisterende
Lås til kuffertGearxBrug eksisterende
DuffelbagGear1000Får en udleveret - pak vandtæt
Rygsæk + overtrækGear1650Brug eksisterende
VandrerstaveGear466Brug eksisterende
Z-Pole tip protectors Gearxbeskyttelseshætter til vandrestave
Gaffatape viklet rundt om vandrestaveGearxBrug eksisterendeUsefull
VandreskoGearxBrug eksisterendeHeavy but good
IndlægGearxBrug eksisterende
Ekstra snører til vandreskoGear19Not used
Alm. skoGear873Brug eksisterende
BadesandalerGear367Brug eksisterende
ShortsGear314Brug eksisterende
Lange trekking bukserGear477Brug eksisterende
BælteGear164Brug eksisterende
Fleece, Galvin GreenGear381Brug eksisterende
Fleece, FootJoyGear397Brug eksisterende, til om aftenen
Vest, GolfGear471Brug eksisterende
Shell, Galvin GreenGear552Brug eksisterende
Vindjakke, AbaqusGear267Brug eksisterende
Solbriller + etuiGear156Brug eksisterende
Fit-over reserve solbrillerGear40Shopsolbriller.dkNot used
Sider til solbrillerGear42Købt på AmazonNot used
Snor til brillerGear2Not used
Briller reserve + etuiGear161Brug eksisterendeNot used
SolhatGear102Brug eksisterende
Pandelampe + batteriGear87Brug eksisterende
Ekstra batterier til pandelampeGear81Not used
Skruetrækker GearxBrug eksisterendeNot used
HåndklædeGear146Brug eksisterende
Vandtæt poser, 3 stkGearxx
Vandtæt pose til værdigenstandeGear36Not used
Inderpose til soveposeGear290
Pude Gear118Not very usefull, pillows in lodges
PudebetrækGear112Brug eksisterende
RegnbukserGear507Not used
DunjakkeGearxKøb i KatmanduUsed for Kala Patthar
Tynd ponchoGear43Også til at dække over rygsækNot used
Sokker - tynde, liner, 5 parGear195
Sokker - vandre, 4 parGear327
Sokker - tykke, 1 parGear135Used for Kala Patthar
Sokker - tehusGear84
Underbukser boxer lang - Merinould, 1 stkGear96Icebreaker
Underbukser boxer kort - Merinould, 3 stkGear238Icebreaker
Underbukser base lang - Merinould, 1 stkGear206Icebreaker
Undertrøje base lang - Merinould, 1 stkGear269Icebreaker
Undertrøje base lang m. halsGear351Galvin green
T-shirt - Merinould kort 1stkGear156Icebreaker
T-shirt - Poly kort 2 stkGear5532x Galvin Green + sort
T-shirt - Poly lang, 1 stkGear368Tiger Woods
HalsedisseGear53Not used
Hue (Everest B.C.)GearxKøb i KatmanduUsed for base camp photos
PandebåndGear25Brug eksisterende
Handsker tyndGear52Brug eksisterende
Handsker tykGear100Black DiamondUsed for Kala Patthar
Jogging bukserGear402Til om aftenen i te-huseNot really necessary
Camelback vandblærer 2LGear194Brug eksisterende
Støvhætte til vandblærerGearxKøbt på AmazonUsefull
Neopren vandbeholder 1LGear179Også til brug om natten i soveposeNot used for warm water in sleeping bag
Pose til snavset tøjGearx
Pose til snavset vandreskoGearx
Varmepuder til hænderGear86Til kolde ture, exoterm, 2x2 stkGood for Kala Patthar
Varmepuder til fødderGear60Til kolde ture, exoterm, 2x2 stkGood for Kala Patthar
Lonely Planet - Trekking in the Nepal HimalayaEntertainment402
SpillekortEntertainment81Brug eksisterende
Flag, dannebrogEntertainment50
Kuglepen x2 + tuschEntertainmentx
A4 papir, notesbogEntertainmentx
New Zealand - 26 toursEntertainment404
Raflebæger + terningerEntertainment103Brug eksisterende
SkakEntertainment228Brug eksisterende
Clean clothes for Kathmandu and flightx
Total grams963747092892986927107

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