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Start on south island

Day 7.

The ferry takes 3:30 hours, so I’m first in Picton 16:30. The entry is along green covered cliffs shooting up everywhere. I think I see dolphins close to the ferry but no whales. In a shop in Picton I meet two Danish couples – now the Danes start to show their presence. Two of the lads explain of their journey from the southern island which is about to end, before they leave for Cambodia. It’s really good to meet young people who take their time to go experience the world before starting on lengthy educations and afterwards work (for me it’s the break I never took).

It’s already late, so I choose a nearby Freedom camp site, which is along the scenic road to Nelson. I’m lucky to find room, as we are only allowed to be 4 campers here, and we arrive two campers at the same time (room for both of us). They are from Germany, and another family is from the Netherlands (did not talk to the fourth camper family). The view is very nice just next to a lake with the mountains in the distance – it’s though a bit windy so it’s only a short walk along the beach. The camper cooked dinner is fried smoked salmon with combined pasta and sauce – funny the salmon is from Norway and packed in Denmark. The last part of the day goes by enjoying the view from the camper while updating the blog and listening to music from the old Danish band, Dodos and the Dodos – still holds after all these years.

There is apparently also a disadvantage by such a scenic place to park for the night. It’s so windy and rainy that it’s difficult to sleep due to the noise and the continuous small shocks and movements of the camper – I manage anyways.

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