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Rotoura and redwoods

Day 3

I continue to Rotoura, to see the redwoods and do a tree top walking. It’s actually just as interesting to walk on the ground, also considering the relatively high price for the tree top walking. It’s apparently getting lit in the evening which maybe could make it more interesting and special – but I have other plans for the evening. I park again at a freedom campsite in the city center close to Polynesian Spa. The freedom camp sites do not have facilities, but there are normally public toilets nearby (where these close during the night). In the nearby tourist information there is a fine shower – so it’s often possible to find showers with some days in-between. It’s clear that tourists are a big deal in New Zealand, and there is done a big job in making quite large tourist informations and tons of magazines and brochures. There are several hot pools in the area, and I can also see steam coming up within the Polynesian Spa. In by tour around the bay and park I also see the local museum from outside – looks quite big and build in Elizabethian style.

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