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Mount Everest at sight

Trekking day 3, 10th of October. 

Woke up to a sunny morning in Namche Bazar with a nice view to the mountains opposite the town valley – which we could not see yesterday afternoon due to sky cover.

We had an acclimatization day today, meaning we went 500m up and then returned to Namche Bazar. At the first viewpoint we got to see the peak of Mount Everest – actually looking shorter than other mountains due to the longer distance. At the view point a statue of Tenzing Norgay was erected – the Sherpa who together with Edmund Hillary summitted Mount Everest as the first back in 1953. Must have been a huge challenge considering the equipment at the time.

We continued the ascent to the Everest viewpoint. From here we had a 360deg panorama to many mountains – including Mount Everest. It’s really amazing to be surrounded by so many mountains. Our local guide, Rosen, explained about the different mountains. Afterwards, he spoke enthusiastic about Nepalese history, mountaineering and also the tragedy of the earthquake in 2015 which had epicenter in his hometown.

We were back home at the hotel for lunch, and then walked around the town looking at different shops selling souvenirs, trekking- and mountaineering gear. There were also some quite fascinating hand paintings of the type Mandala with so many details – must have been a very fine brush.

In the afternoon we went to a café were a movie was displayed about the Sherpas and climbing Mount Everest. They are really tough and strong when preparing the track and bringing all equipment and food to the four different base camps, so paying customers have a chance to summit Everest.

We had a small look around town before returning to the hotel and dinner. Although only few hours trekking, we all got tired and went early to bed. We also had our oxygen level in the blood measured, and we are all fine.

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